Peace Factory

In 2012, I became active in the viral grassroot movement the Peace Factory. When I met my first Israeli friend Ronny Edry, I knew that this movement could really make a difference.
The Peace Factory is a social online movement dedicated to create friendships between people in conflict zones. We are a group of activists and artists and we all have our roots in the Middle East, in Israel, Palestine and Iran. Together we founded the Peace Factory, a movement that builds bridges instead of walls.
With our Facebook pages Palestine-loves-Israel, Israel-loves-Iran, Iran-loves-Israel and Israel-loves-Palestine, we open new lines of communication and invite people to engage in a meaningful dialogue.

We believe that when you make a friend from „the other side“, you stop seeing sides. People begin to replace mistrust with curiosity, prejudices with understanding, and fear with friendship. They realize that there is no „other side“.
We frequently give talks, workshops and lectures about our movement in universities, communities and institutions worldwide.

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